Living Mastery is the title for the body of work I bring as a facilitator, speaker, healer, reader and clearer. Sacredness, Power and Balance, emerged as the three vital elements of my ‘medicine,’ over years of practice and exploration, and are woven into the three pillars whereupon I apply this transformative work: an individual’s consciousness and energy potential, physical spaces, e.g. the energy and physical expression of your home or community space, and in social dynamics and relationships – where personal power and energy exchange come to the fore.

I bring this transformative medicine via the following workshops, retreats, and client work:

Client Work


Having an hour-long energy session can be a more gentle way of approaching your self-development or healing. In a hands-on energy healing and reading session, your whole energetic state is read, e.g. your aura, chakras, true spirit-energy, and often past-lives and your true purpose, whilst your energy field is healed and cleared.


A permanent, radical, full-systems ‘upgrade’ and consciousness expansion, brought about in a one-off 3-5 hour treatment. It is especially ideal for anyone wanting to break through restrictions, step into full power and mastery, and align their path with their Life Purpose. It is also the ideal ‘medicine’ for anyone who needs grounding, protection and unblocking. People are becoming increasingly sensitive, their personal energy is constantly being challenged by the environment. This is because the old auric structure is no longer a sufficient vehicle for thriving within the new energetic conditions on Earth.


The Mastery Set is an Advanced Mastery Theory Course which is taught online with Skype support sessions and an energetic transmission. This body of work is based on the 12 components of empowerment consciousness and is ideal for anyone wishing to develop their self-mastery and deepen their meditation, learn more about empowerment, and/or for those seeking to increase one’s consciousness to enlightenment levels, and work with energy magically.


Prayer-FlagsIt is important for our health and wellbeing not only to do work within ourselves, but in our physical spaces, for we create our homes and our homes create our lives on both physical and energetic planes. I offer clearing-alignment work, whereby depending on the level of intervention desired, I may spend from a couple hours to a few days clearing and reading the energy of the space, consulting the feng shui tai chi, and re-aligning-designing the interior of the space in accordance to the most healthful and highest potential of the space.

Group Work

The following workshops are offered individually or combine in various retreats that I run each year, for instance the Living Mastery Program, Being Tula Retreats, Wild Womb Gathering or other collaborations with practitioners and retreat centres. From opulent Goddess retreats, to spending days deep in wild elemental forest awakening, to classic yoga retreats with a shamanic, alchemical side; in the UK and abroad; there is something for you!

Living Mastery Workshops & Retreats

Living Mastery™ are workshops and retreats that can be taken individually or as a full program for attaining the greatest potential in consciousness and life mastery. Aspects or stages of the Mastery Set are explored, as well as maintaining mastery consciousness states for extended periods of time, in social interaction and sharing circles. Every Living Mastery Retreat includes meditation, organic vegetarian food, and at least one of: detox, yoga, breath work, fire-walking to assist in the integration – relative to each stage.

The Deepening Retreat Poster‘The Deepening’ Meditation & Presence Essential Work

Being immersed in wild nature for 4 days, dropping into deep communion with Spirit, Gaia and your full spirit-body self – just being there, tuning in, for the power that it is, meeting Nature and Truth with intention, heart, sound, movement. There is immense power in just being in a high vibrational, alive nature setting. We work consciously with this space, making ‘acts of power’ to create communion and work through shadow and the monkey mind. There will be group ‘sessions,’ individual vision-questing, as well as a day where the women and men separate for women’s-time and men’s-time.

Personal Power & Living in Sacredness Workshops

Getting clued up on what is going on in your personal energy, in the energy exchanges with other people, and what is happening energetically on the planet, e.g. the New Time Energy – and how to survive and thrive so that you are sovereign over your energy space and stay clear and in integrity during social interaction. Realising the power of sacredness as a moment by moment altar and portal to living in harmony, health, and happiness.

TulaGoddessPosterSMALLSacred Goddess/Wild Feminine Work

Bathing in the power of the Goddess and Wild Feminine, these events can vary from being quite wild and shamanic, with deep nature immersion and fire walking for instance, to being very luxurious, in stunning retreat centres and lots of yoga and treats! On the healing side they are about clearing and liberating ourselves of the old, creating space and celebration for what is stirring and flowering, pampering ourselves and each other on the body of the Great Mother, calling on ceremony to empower and anchor our truth deep in the soil of Creation… and ultimately invoking the Wild Goddess into our hearts & bodies as deeply as we are each called.

Cacao Sacred Heart Ceremony

Rest with the Cacao Spirit under Karen’s tender guidance and the nourishing assistance of sacred sound and the purest therapeutic grade essential oils for an expanding journey into the Heart. Sometimes expanded into a vision quest for the wild feminine / masculine.

‘Swan Dance: Wild Divine’ Voice and Movement Work

If we are to become whole, integrated, in our power and true to our selves, we need to express all of the self, making whole being an altar, a chalice and sword – a divine instrument. We are not just the movement of the body, nor just a prayer, nor just a voice, but an entire being manifest for expressing the Creator’s creation. Facilitating the claiming of one’s unique energy ‘song,’ and developing the courage and freedom to reveal oneself to the world are key themes in this work.


Stories of Initiation between the Moon and the Sun

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A magical, heart-warming collection of alchemical short stories and poems – most of which were written during the writing of the mastery set course, hence the theme of initiation! Delicious fuel for your spiritual fire.

Celestial Earth

An enchanted and deeply personal autobiographical story of a mystical adventure taken in 2012, amidst the Surrey hills’ woodlands, the planetary serpent leylines, and Bolivia and Peru’s legend-rich Lake Titicaca. This is the majestic journey through which the Mastery Set was founded.

Butterfly Aperture

A fictional novel, that portals through dimensions and the far extremes of spiritual transcendence and the darkest reaches of addiction. Merging the genres of spirituality, adventure, romance, and drama, it also finishes with a ‘Lens of Healing’ commentary and guided meditation.