Here are some links to sources of information and inspiration that are in alignment with the new time energies and unfolding direction on Earth.
White Temple is IofSpirit’s new sister site, about creating sacredness, power, & balance within one’s inner temple and in the outer temple of our homes and lives. Featuring tips, insights, inspirations, ‘New Earth’ mastery & meditation, space clearing & design consulting, aura transformation work & talks.
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Women, please join me in becoming a tree sister, and know that you’ll be planting 38+ trees per month, as well as become part of a network of women around the world, all reclaiming their rightful wildness, and guardianship to Mother Earth…

There are many essential and worthy causes that could be listed to draw attention to, but this one has a special resonance for me.

Find a wood near you to enjoy the magic and healing of nature.

The European site for AuraTransformation™ where you can find relevant articles and further information about the New Time Energies on Earth.

Ahlmeirah is a beautiful and powerful being assisting in peoples’ ascension and I recommend her for a wonderful plethora of healing and wholeness purposes.

Nassim is another new paradigm genius who is watchable as much for entertainment value as the fascinating sacred geometry and insights into the nature of the universe.

Great source of information about health and food matters.

‘Seeking the authentic’ – what news is supposed to be about.

An enlightening documentary that reveals what has been happening on ground level on Earth… Thrive: What on earth will it take?