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We shape our dwellings, and our dwellings shape our lives.

This fact is massively underappreciated however, even to the growing population of people awakening to their soul’s purpose and place in the world. In choosing to live in a particular physical space, you – whether consciously or unconsciously – enter a contract with the energy of that dwelling. This relationship may serve or disserve you, and may serve or disserve the spirit of the dwelling and its future inhabitants  – yet ultimately, you chose each other out of a deep resonance, so even in a space containing disserving energies, your spirit perceives the potential for healing if the issues are brought into awareness for transformation.

To heal is always the intention of the soul. Everything can be healed, people, community, buildings and land – providing the right keys and codes are accessed, which is largely about compassionate communion, intentional power, natural harmonisation, and divine resonance.


We are constantly in an energetic dance with everything else in our environments. All matter is only energy, and all energy vibrates at a set of frequencies, like a kind of song or blueprint, which interacts with all the other songs around it; think of many pebbles thrown in a lake, their waveforms interacting with one another. We are drops of water within waves within oceans.

The things, spaces and people that we spend the most time with become our primary influences. These things truly shape our realities and alter our paths. Our choices therefore must come with great discernment, intuition and respect, because beginning a new relationship, with a house, person or other aspect of lifestyle, will change us – for better or worse. We chose the parents and place of our births before we entered this lifetime, but after that everything is a precious choice and must be approached with great consciousness if we wish to fully realise the divine gift of this life on Earth.

This is why we must live our lives with sacredness, power and balance – the three keys to all elements of the Living Mastery work I do.

Your home therefore must be given equal awareness on your path of personal development, happiness, health, mastery and purpose, as your Self, because just as your body houses your spirit, so your home houses your body and your life.

The ancients that lived in harmony with heaven and earth understood this, and chose their place of dwelling with great respect and connection, yet modern people, even those who have embraced many healing pathways, are swayed by certain imbalances from years of an imbalanced society.

For instance, in relation to the interior design of people’s homes, imbalances are created when people go with the flow too much instead of creating a space from their inner clarity, when they get stuck in rigid patterns and fill their houses up with items reflecting the past, when they burn through their lives with sometimes explosive creative ideas without regard for harmony, or when they are driven by intellectual ideas of balance. This is just one side of a multi-layered picture.

Some of the aspects of how your dwelling can effect you:

  • FullSizeRenderThe internal flow of energy in the structure and in the interior design, and placement of belongings.
  • The energy within the belongings that fill the dwelling and their positioning, e.g. the feng shui.
  • The energetic patterning of previous inhabitants.
  • Current energetic activity in the space/s.
  • Whether the land originally wanted to be built upon.
  • Whether the dwelling has been designed and built in harmonisation to the land and directions.
  • How connected or disconnected from nature is the dwelling? What materials the dwelling has been built with – can the dwelling breathe, and can the four elements and spirit move through the space?
  • Whether the dwelling was created with soul and vision, and what the energy of that intention and emotionality was.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Does your home cling to the past, or create pathways to a higher potential of the future?
  • How do you feel upon entering each room? Now go and stand in the heart/central space of the house – how does this space feel?
  • Find out who the previous residents were; can you perceive a common thread?
  • Track your personal journey in correlation to your house history. Did any shifts within yourself or in your relationships coincide with shifts in your physical space, such as a house move or internal re-design?






FullSizeRender_2These photos depict two recent properties that have been redesigned-aligned.














The Goal:

The ideal situation is to create a home that is in absolute alignment with your spirit’s highest essence and purpose on Earth. In this situation, you would not only feel completely at home and as if in a sanctuary, but you would also feel inspired, lifted, balanced and able to bring your creativity into actualisation. If your home is not currently aligned this way however, there is much that can be done to clear and reset the pathways.

The Sacred Space Alignment work I do can be offered at various levels and can involve aspects of physical re-design or not. The typical process I work with is as follows:

The Process:

  • Visit the space and read the energy:
  • Tune into the overall energy flow and quality
  • Tune into the chakras and elements of the dwelling
  • Speak to the spirit of the house/land and vision the potential.
  • Cleanse the space of disserving energies.
  • Look at Feng Shui of dwelling, draw a diagram that will be given to the client.
  • Begin realigning the feng shui and energetic potential of the house or select rooms physically, e.g. changing the placement and positioning of items, removing or suggesting additions (I work as freely as the client permits), OR simply making suggestions and discussing this with the client.
  • Final balance:
  • Cleansing the space energetically once more
  • Full soul retrieval
  • Full balancing & blessing
  • Written report for client.


  • If I happen to be nearby (or even in the same country), you can book me to visit and do alignment work in your dwelling.
  • From any country I am available to give a basic energy reading and suggestions for your dwelling.
  • If you own, work or reside at an eco village or sustainable community, I am currently offering my services free of charge in exchange for accommodation etc.
  • Contact me on


I have always sought to creatively express the sacred. This began intuitively as a child with art, poetry, drama and dance, which developed into photography, interior, web and graphic design, fashion and jewellery design, and then writing and the design of courses: basically any means of creative expression I could get my hands on! Running parallel to this has been a progressive deepening of sacred connection within my self and with the nature and divine realms, which I naturally facilitate in others.

As a professional Aura Mediator, and etheric Keeper of the Great Mother, working with the Akash, I read, clear, heal, ground, and commune with the energy and spirit of person and place. I have been gifted the ability to facilitate full spirit retrievals, heal and balance energies, clear entities, and to see the highest potentials a human or place spirit-energy has on Earth.

Peru Retreat For WebIt was a completely natural development to expand the transformative work I do with people and land to physical dwellings. As a visionary of a new earth, this work keeps expanding, to encompass and weave together the energetic potentials inherent in building a community space or eco-village. Solutions for ways of living together that are ecological, in total harmony with nature, and that create the highest potentials for our health and wellbeing – in effect, thrivability – are key to our future on Earth.

I am an energy reader, holistic designer and energetic architect, a visionary of new earth lifestyles, teacher of Living Mastery and creator of sacred space – liveable altars in which lives and lifestyles of deep resonance across people, place, land and purpose can be fully realised.


Eco-villages are the future. Constantly in my inner vision, the design of a village has such widespread potential for creating wholeness and realisation on every level, that working at this scale is currently my foremost priority with regards to service to Mother Earth.

Passionate to participate in the development of existing eco-villages and sustainable communities, it is also in my horizon to co-create a pioneering vision from the outset.