The New Time on Earth

AuraTransformation LadyDue to the Earth’s movement, alignment and position in the galaxy, the base frequency of the planet has soared over the last few decades, allowing resonant higher frequency energies to take hold on the planet. This correlates with an evolution of consciousness and experiential reality for human beings. Specifically, it means:

  • The dynamic interfacing of spiritual energy with physicality is at the core of the new time energies’ impact both within the person and throughout the planet as a whole system.
  • Now rather than us evolving out of the earthly realm and reaching into the spiritual one, our collective mission is to bring spiritual reality to Earth, as the actual planet is evolving.
  • This results in a new platform of values around wholeness, balance, and transcendence of duality, rather than an either/or regarding the spiritual and material.

Evolution pre and post 2012

Everything in the whole of existence is simply energy, including our bodies, thoughts, and the air we breathe. Our world and all that occurs within it is like an ocean of energies all interacting and dancing together, or perhaps a symphony of myriad sound frequencies.

Occasional evolutionary quantum leaps are common to this planet – which hangs together via a delicate balance of natural energies – over the course of its history, due to a number of natural factors within the local and galactic environment, and express themselves in various energetic pathways that can have massive impacts on the oceanic symphony of this world as a whole – including all the beings that reside here.

We are currently experiencing such a shift forward, which is so significant that ancient cultures around the world documented their predictions around it, as well as the web being full of information from various sources and angles, particularly around the climatic date of 2012. Since 2012 every child has been born a ‘Crystal Human’ – meaning that their spirit is fused into their being at cellular level.

new time living on earth

Peru Retreat For WebThe new earth energies are here to stay, and this will result in people having different energy, values, ways of operating and relating in life. Essentially:

  • The Earth is now taking control of her body, including changing the programming of the cells on her skin (us).
  • Her ultimate vision is a new heavenly reality, of paradise restored on Earth, and everything that needs to happen is gradually being conducted into alignment; the most dynamic and visible way this is advancing is via the new aura structures that children are being born with and which is available to adults via an AuraTransformation™.
  • These new humans are entirely action and purpose-led, and will not tolerate imbalances in their reality. They are naturally compelled to fulfill their ‘Crystal’ Purpose – always something of benefit to the planet – and so, piece by piece, Earth will return to paradise.

Creating sustainable lifestyles – whether in individual houses or whole eco-villages and towns – that supports the bio-systems of nature rather than depletes them, will naturally become an integral focus for the New Earth Humans.

Between now and the Golden Time in the future, every human being has some purpose that fulfils a key facet of the Crystal Plan, and this is always in direct correlation with whatever brings the individual the most fulfilment – for Gaia loves all of her children, so this is the way it works!