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Mastery Woman- THE WAY TO CREATE Heaven on Earth is to become Heaven on Earth



In the last few years there has been an acceleration of consciousness on the planet, which ultimately sees spiritual evolution moving away from an upward-bound ascension that detaches one from earthly reality, and rather expanding into an enlightenment that unifies spirit with matter, heaven with earth, the masculine with the feminine. This consciousness development of the new earth can be better described as mastery rather than enlightenment. You can read more about this here.

The Mastery Set defines the new earth pathway of consciousness development in seven whole stages – which can be further broken down into 14 when seen from their masculine and feminine components. This is the pathway already unfolding within the collective consciousness of the planet. Collectively, it could be said the New Earth consciousness development plan is currently between stages two and three out of seven.

The Mastery Set course offers the opportunity to progress along this pathway independently from the collective unfoldment – and therefore become a key forerunner for the collective plan. Essentially, it holds tremendous potential for the mastery and enlightenment of one’s consciousness on Earth right now.

Working with the Mastery Set course benefits the individual across various levels, depending on one’s needs and purposes. The course provides for example:

1. A beautiful and powerfully activating meditation to uplift and expand your consciousness, flood your body with bliss, inspire the mind, heal the heart, and transform your day.
2. The ultimate navigational skill set to work with to become balanced, whole and empowered.
3. A comprehensive New Earth pathway of attaining the ultimate Mastery and Creator Consciousness.

The Mastery Set Flower-GeoThe Consciousness of a Master: like petals on a flower… facets on a diamond…

Like the petals of a flower or facets of a diamond, the consciousness of mastery contains several petals or facets, all of which are required for it to shine in full resplendent wholeness. The Mastery Set is primarily comprised of twelve consciousness states – you could also say attributes, frequencies, energies, or empowerment tools – that equal to a person being completely whole, balanced, empowered and masterful.

For instance, in someone you’d discern to be a master, you’d find many attributes merged together, such as unconditional love, wisdom, vision, healing ability. Whilst these qualities naturally arise from one another, every master is unique. Just being the living expression of one or two of these energies is to be a master, e.g. Yogi’s may take the path of Bhakti (devotion), or Jhana (wisdom), shamen may focus more on cultivating awareness of energy, or on plant medicine and magical tools. You will also already have some of these energies to varying degrees. You may have no interest in spirituality but appreciate mindfulness, or you may be an experienced spiritual tourist who has not yet learnt to live from the heart.

Many people on the path of awakening have already reached a level of mastery initiation, yet feel stuck and unable to move forward into full mastery, all while the energies now on the planet are creating the pressure for people to expand, centre, align and empower into the full divine creator beings that we truly are.

By working with the Set in a specific order in meditation and with intention, a pathway is revealed that takes the student through varying levels of integration, from initiation to mastery, to creation, to the ultimate enlightened mastery of the Divine Child. You get to decide how deeply to work with the Set by what you want from it.

The Set also offers many tools to heal and rebalance yourself, via the four elements, masculine-feminine and the triple God/Goddess archetypes, with specific focus on interpersonal relationship dynamics.


Where did the Mastery Set come from?

The story of how the Mastery Set came about is shared in the autobiographical book, Celestial Earth. Essentially it is the culmination of twelve years of daily meditation, journeying and training with Spirit and deep communion in nature. The final teachings came through in the summer of 2012, during an extended period of deep nature immersion in the forest-filled Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Surrey Hills. Here the ‘Gatekeepers’ were revealed, and their perfect divine tapestry resounding of the mystery schools of ancient times, were crafted together for Earth’s New Time.



Mastery Set Image forwebCourse One: Meeting the Mastery Set

  • You’ll receive course material in which you are introduced to the cosmology behind the Mastery Set, the dimensions within which it works, and meet the Gatekeeper energies that comprise it.
  • You also receive the Gatekeeper guided journey meditation. This is a written piece that you guide yourself through. Each Gatekeeper stage activates the codes of consciousness within you which it embodies.

Course Two: Integration and the Three Stages

  • The course material now fully defines how to work with the Set for the smoothest and most powerful integration within one’s consciousness. It explores the Three Stages of embodiment: Initiation, Mastery, Creation, and includes exercises and practices to assist one’s integration.
  • Includes a 45 minute *New Earth Mastery Coaching session* – usually by Skype – where you can share your journey so far and ask questions.

Course Three: Healing and Balancing

  • Course Three reveals the powerful use of the Set for deep healing and balancing all parts of our selves, through exploring the Elements, Sexes and Triple Goddess/God. It delves further into healing and relationships – from a New Earth Mastery perspective.
  • Includes a 45 minute *New Earth Mastery Coaching session* – usually by Skype – where you can share your journey so far and ask questions.

Course Four: Mastery and Paradise

  • In the final part of the Mastery Set course series, the essential practice of mastery is assessed: what the blocks and misconceptions are, what the key practices are, and what it truly means to become a master and a Gatekeeper.
  • Includes a 45 minute *New Earth Mastery Coaching session* – usually by Skype – where you can share your journey so far and ask questions.


*Optional Extras*

  • Additional *New Earth Mastery Coaching* sessions
  • *Energetic Transmission* of the Mastery Set to assist in the integration of the Set into one’s Consciousness Sphere. 
  • *Living Mastery* workshops and retreats.
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Who is the Mastery Set course for?

  • Everyone. The wisdom of the Mastery Set is ancient and new: these teachings are universal, and yet they are presented here in a way that is applicable to the times we are in, where every person is being called into a degree of mastery, no matter who they are or what their background is.
  • Both those who are beginners to mastery and those who are practiced meditators, healers, shaman and yogis.
  • Those on all spiritual paths: e.g. yogic, angelic, buddhist, shamanic…
  • Both those who wish to simply expand upon their empowerment skill set or learn a beautiful meditation AND those who are all-out mastery and enlightenment seekers.
  • Those who are confused about their course of mastery: Have you ever felt confused about which path of self-development, self-mastery or spiritual growth to take, because there are so many paths and teachings that often contradict one another? Are you aware of the current paradigm change and feel unsure of whether your current model of spirituality is now outdated?


An advanced yet simple mastery course for the New Time on Earth.

It is delivered in written format for ease of integrating the multi-layered and expansive theory.

It is practical because all of the results come from your own meditation practice.

It is interactive because it includes essential 1:1 New Earth Mastery Coaching sessions

It is convenient and self-honouring because you can go at your own rhythm and pace.

It is realistic and empowering because at the core of the multi-dimensional teachings is that these energies are already within you, 

and that the only true path is you coming home to your true natural-divine self. 

And it is inclusive of any other current practices you have or path you are on.


Take the Course

Begin the Mastery Set Course simply by purchasing Course One below. You will then be directed to where you can download the course material. If you would like to receive a hard copy of the course instead, please email me with your address and I’ll send it to you.

Once you’ve assimilated Course One, you can choose whether to continue to the next part. You can receive Courses 2 – 4 in the same way and just have to get in touch to arrange your 1:1 coaching sessions.