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Mastery WomanLiving Mastery™ is a body of work that can be utilised individually or as a full program for attaining the greatest potential in consciousness and life mastery.


An Advanced Mastery Theory Course to teach the 12 components of empowered (Divinely embodied) consciousness, the sacred journey to total mastery, and applied magical uses for an empowered life.

Students will learn a powerful meditation that guides them through the 12 mastery states in a sequence that culminates in an alchemical fusion leading to perfect wholeness, power, and divine union. The full course (four parts) also includes three coaching sessions:


The energetic pathways of mastery and enlightenment on Earth are changing, in correlation with the new energies of the new time, post 2012. Rooted in the teachings of the Mastery Set, and nearly 20 years of training under the guidance of Spirit, these 1:1 coaching sessions will provide a strong platform of guidance for those wishing to follow the path of mastery now.

New Earth Mastery Coaching can be an alternative to the course, for those who prefer 1:1 work. Sessions can either be structured in alignment with the Mastery Set, or person-centred, working with wherever the client is at in the present. Students of the mastery course can book additional sessions to assist the integration of the course.

Investment: £60 per 45 minute session.
Karen has been the catalyst that has made me want to be all that I can be, not just half measures, I am talking about looking truly with the purist of intentions. What I love about Karen is she doesn’t preach that we should be a certain way and she isn’t trying to make a quick buck, she is just passionate about everything she believes, so she doesn’t say ‘be like me’ instead she say’s ‘be all you can be’ and that’s exactly what I am doing.



I of Spirit MandalaOnly for people who have completed part one of the New Earth Mastery Course, this is a distant transmission to assist in the integration of mastery consciousness. Following clearing, healing and reading your energy field, the dodecahedral consciousness grid will be sent to the client during this 1-1.5 hour journey at a prearranged time.

This integration of mastery consciousness occurs naturally over time with deepening integration of the Mastery Set, yet can be quickened with this transmission.

Investment: £120



These are a range of workshops and retreats to explore and integrate various aspects of mastery. For instance, workshops on the 3 Pillars of Sacredness, Power and Balance.

Living Mastery retreats work to embody each successive 4 components of mastery as outlined in the Mastery Set course, including maintaining mastery consciousness states for extended periods of time, in social interaction and sharing circles, along with supportive practices, e.g. meditation, organic vegetarian food, and at least one of: detox, yoga, breath work, fire-walking to assist in the integration – relative to each stage.



The Living Mastery Workshops & Retreats are held across the UK and abroad, in beautiful and high vibrational natural settings that support this work. Please get in touch regarding upcoming events: Karen +44 (0) 7515 698316 /


A Testimonial from the Mastery Set:

‘I am still buzzing from the retreat! It was such a profound few days and it’s an exceptional and beautiful work that I feel will be the foundation for me now to move from as a light worker. Doing (or should I say being!) the Mastery Set and connecting with the 12 – 14 energies rather than just one universal energy as we do for Co-Creation was very advanced. I came away with no excuses and confidence in manifesting my vision and not being afraid of being hurt.

I felt that the Healer, the Transmuter, the Purifier and the Magician now gives the light worker tools to heal as you go. With the transition we are in now on this planet it’s so important that light workers are able to manifest their visions. In fact using these energies the light worker now becomes unstoppable: a light warrior that can self heal and suffer no wounds. It’s almost like the light worker 2.0 upgrade!

I can really see in the future you bringing this in the mainstream in a big way. A joy to be a part of it!’ – Jeremy C, Surrey, Classical Musician