DoTERRA Essential Oils


Doterra Essential Oils ImageMy journey and the work I do has always been about energy and consciousness, rather than physicality. Looking back before I had my AuraTransformation, I was barely in my body, and certainly couldn’t see much point in it; it was just energy to me, and the lighter and higher my vibration was, the better. Similarly, I was deeply in love with Mother Earth, but I would sooner expand into communion with her spirit and live off an apple and sunlight than gorge on her generous bounty and bathe in her perfumes.

That has changed! As my divine spirit has fused more deeply into my cells, the sensual goddess has emerged and I have been exuberantly compelled towards the powers of herbs! I first started playing with making healing weed tinctures and then tree and flower essences. Still burning with passion, the power of essential oils then walked into my life. I had previously had no idea just how incredible they were at healing all kinds of physical ailments, cleaning the house, repelling insects in the summer, as well as all emotional imbalances!

Slide 1My spare time soon filled up with making lotions and potions for absolutely everything and giving them as gifts to my family!

Now, it is not in my nature or purpose to bring the selling of products into my work – until doTERRA literally jumped into my hands one day. As soon as I smelled these oils, that was it – the love I felt was the same love I feel for the spirits of the plants. I could actually feel the pure vibrations of the spirit in the plants fully alive and present in these oils, whereas in other oils I’ve used the spirit of the plant feels very distant; they even smell different. I feel the same blissful heaven with these oils as I do when meditating in the forest, and there are dozens of them all with different frequencies to heal you in different ways – what a gift!


DoTerra is a latin derivative for ‘Gift of the Earth.’ And they really are – I haven’t been so excited about something since AuraTransformation came into my life. I then discovered that the reason the oils in this brand are so pure and clear in frequency is because they are not only pure oils, but are of highest therapeutic grade – which most oils actually are not – and sourced entirely ethically and at the very optimum moment in the plant’s life cycle. The founders of the brand are also genuinely motivated by sharing the healing of these oils and are not just trying to make money.

And so it is that I am spreading the word: throw away all of your chemical products. Make everything you need yourself, and use the power of these pure plant oils to heal and rebalance everything in your family’s physical, emotional and mental bodies. The chart on the right shows just a tiny few things you can use them for. You can get more ideas on what you can use them for on the doTERRA blog site here.

I really hope that you discover the power and joy of these oils and welcome them into your life and health as I have!


  • Oils and leavesYou can order some individual oils from my DoTERRA wellness store here.
  • Book a free 30 minute consultation: either on Skype or in person (I live in East Sussex), to assess what oils you need – and if in person, try some out and go away with some free samples.
  • The best way to purchase the oils is by becoming a member so that you can buy them at wholesale prices – believe me, once you meet these oils and see what they can do, you will want the whole range, and it is definitely worth it. In being a member there are then options for building a business and so on if you choose. To become a member you can get in touch with me and I will sign you up (you have to go through an existing consultant).