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An AuraTransformation is a one-off treatment that permanently heals and releases the ‘old time’ aura that is being phased out on Earth and gives you the ‘New Time’ aura that the children are now being born with, which is significantly more advanced.


The ‘old time’ aura is no longer an optimal energetic ‘vehicle’ for people on the planet. Many people can relate to a feeling of hitting their head against a ceiling, like they know they’re meant to be stepping into something greater but can’t seem to break out of the invisible cell around them. This is because their aura is now too small and limiting for the energetic potential of their being on this planet. Many parents too are struggling to meet the energy demands of their New Time children whose will and life force power greatly exceeds their own.

Just some of the benefits of the new aura are:

  • Freedom from all the mental and emotional clutter that used to hold you back!
  • Increased energy, life force and vitality from being fully present and ‘together’ in your energies
  • A natural state of joy and well-being from being ‘you’ and living freely - and a lot of fun!
  • The ability to ‘meet’ your children and enjoy greater rapport and healthier relationships with them
  • Greater focus, clarity and intuition – you know and prioritise what is right for you and the ‘whole,’ plus the drive towards action
  • The ability to remain balanced and keep integrity in the midst of challenge
  • The manifesting power and freedom to create your life according to your purpose and joy
  • Protection, grounding, magnetism and radiance
  • The simplicity of perfect wholeness, balance and synergy between all aspects of your being


The New Time Auras

The adjacent image illustrates the three New Time Auras. Since the mid nineties (following a gradual cross-over from around 1987) children have been born with what’s known as the Indigo Aura. The old mental and emotional bodies have been replaced by a super protective, balancing indigo layer that interfaces the fully present spirit with the physical body. Then since 2012, every child being born is a Crystal Human. Here the spirit has ‘crystallised’ into both the indigo balance energy and even the physical body, evoking the very clear frequency and strength that is associated with crystals, and creating a formidable, whole and synergised human being. In addition, from 2013 the Golden Energy began to show up at the cellular level in children.

3 auras imageAll people earlier than the mid nineties have a traditional karmically influenced aura, depicted to the left. This aura houses the karma from previous lifetimes, plus emotional and mental baggage. Usually much of the pure spiritual energy is missing. The molecular structure meanwhile is fairly dense and so to access their spiritual energy people have to do a lot of meditation and other practices which can leave them over-sensitised and ungrounded.

Many people recognise that they are already working with the New Time Energies, and identify the Indigo or Crystal impulses in their energy. This is not the same as having those energies fully integrated as your actual energy structure however. When such individuals have their aura transformed they feel like they’re finally home.

There is wonderful and important benefit to families when parents of Indigo and Crystal children have their own auras transformed.


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  • Read more about why these energy changes are happening on the New Time Energies page here.
  • Check out feedback and Testimonials from other people who have had their auras transformed.
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Treatment-SpaceCall or email Karen on 07515 698316 /

An AuraTransformation takes approximately 2.5 hours. This is then followed up by a further session of about an 1.5 hours, which can be between two to seven days later. This provides the client with a ‘new time’ aura, which usually starts out as Indigo to make an easier transition, and then gradually ‘crystallises’ in the individual’s own time.

Throughout the treatment I also give a full energy reading, which can include information on your current energy condition, blocks, talents, past life issues, as well as – once everything is completely healed and dissolved – your new and true energy potential and life purpose.

I am based in East Sussex, and most clients are happy to travel here for their AuraTransformation as the act of leaving behind your life and coming into a high vibrational space in nature contributes to the experience. I also travel a lot with my work, and am flexible with the needs of the clients so often do home visits and will travel further afield for multiple bookings etc.

An AuraTransformation™ can be given to adults born previous to 1992. If you were born later than this – or have a daughter or son that was – and feel you would benefit from an energy update, then a shorter ‘Aura Adjustment’ or Balance session can be very helpful.


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“Having an AuraTransformation has been one of the most singularly powerful things I have ever done. Having been on the transformation trail for many lifetimes this is no small statement. It is nothing short of an alchemical process in sifting the proverbial wheat from the chaff in terms of one’s relationships and creates a profound movement in fully aligning oneself with one’s dharma. As a practitioner Karen is gifted, professional and highly intuitive and I would unequivocally recommend this to anyone.”