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Adjusting to the new energies is a very exciting time in your life, but for some people it may present a lot of shifts. Before having your AuraTransformation you should read ‘Balance on All Levels’ by Anni Sennov, which is adequate preparation. Following your transformation, it is important to clear your energy daily until your aura has fully crystallised. The affirmation I gave you during your treatment that encapsulates this is: ‘I now call ALL energy rightfully mine, back to me in cleansed form … I now send ALL energy not mine back to where it came from … I now balance myself with my Balance Energy…’ Please read the following document too, which explains this process so that you make the most of your new life straight away!


You should also read the following document to get clear on your journey from now on – or re-read it if you already did so during your pre-transformation research:


If the link isn’t working, you can also see it from the AuraTransformation website here. You can also join the Facebook page where people can get extra info and advice from many Mediators and meet other people who have been auratransformed, as well as find out about any talks, social events or workshops being organised near you by Aura Mediators. There are also other Facebook groups you can access, such as therapies and retreats and professional services of people who have been AuraTransformed.



The AuraTransformation, which fully heals your energy field and chakras, is permanent, so you do not need any more energy healing of any kind. Many people however benefit from extra Balance Sessions occasionally from their Aura Mediator. The second part of the AuraTransformation™ builds up this indigo coloured Balance Body in the aura. The client thereon has the capability to balance her/him self during the journey between the Indigo to Crystal phases, where keeping your Balance Energy optimal is key. It is only necessary for a client to receive extra Balance Sessions with your Mediator, if for example the client hasn’t been clearing and balancing their own energy for a period of time, or there has been a lot of change and instability and the client would like to have the expertise of the Mediator to help things shift or settle. Once your aura has fully crystallised you are as healed, whole and healthy in your finer energy bodies as you can be!



doTERRA-oil usesThe crystallisation that occurs after an AuraTransformation occurs both in the aura and the physical body. You can read about what to expect in Anni Sennov’s Crystallisation Parts 1 and 2 books. Generally, the weaker your physical body is and the stronger your spirit, the more challenging the body crystallisation will be, because your beautiful spirit demands an optimum temple, so any weak bits will soon feel the pressure! This is of course good, because you will finally give your body the love it deserves to be as healthy as possible – which is the only goal of the body crystallisation.

Exercise, rest, and body treatments like massage and reflexology are hugely beneficial, as well as of course an extra Balance Session with a Mediator to make sure there is balance between the spirit and the body. Taking immune-strengthening herbs, and eating lots of strengthening root vegetables will also assist the process. I have recently begun the long journey of getting more familiar with herbs and essential oils as plants are such powerful teachers and healers. In particular I am very excited about doTERRA’s certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils – there is an oil for just about every physical AND emotional imbalance, and many oils are up to 40 times more powerful than herbs. You can read more about them here. However, if you have any more serious physical issues, the body crystallisation will likely bring them to the surface so that you can finally address them. Do not delay. See a good herbalist, nutritionist, or kinesiologist – ideally who has been auratransformed, but this is not essential, so long as they are considerate to this process and you resonate with them.

Louisa P PhotoRecommended Practitioner:

I can personally recommend T.A.S.K Kinesiology, EFT and Bush Flower Remedy Practitioner, Louisa Patterson, who lives in Frome, Somerset. Louisa was a God-send to me, when my body was screaming out to me to give my full love and attention to getting physically strong. Her specialist area is digestive disorders – which many people these days have due to our diet of grains and sugars which harm the gut and cause a whole plethora of issues such as allergies, tiredness, brain-fog, and skin problems. Through muscle testing you, she will prescribe exactly what herbs and supplements you need and for how long, as well as what foods to not eat. Do not hesitate to invest the time and energy in getting extra help this way - your health and wellbeing should be your number 1 priority:


Mother Child - smallWHAT IF SOMEONE IS BORN AFTER 1994?

Anyone born between 1987 – 1994, will have a variable mixtures of the old time and the Indigo aura. This can play out in various observable imbalances, such as a confusion of identity and purpose, and inability to set boundaries. Depending on the amount of New Time energy in the aura, this age-group can very much benefit from having an Aura Adjustment - a shorter single session, as opposed to a full AuraTransformation. Anyone born after 1994 already has the New Time aura, and usually any parents struggling with their children actually need to have their own auras updated in order to meet their children from the same ‘operating system’ and strength of energy. Here is a testimonial from London based mum that I auratransformed:

I feel much closer to my daughter now too – I find it so much easier to do empathic listening wtih her… and guess what, she listens. We listen to each other properly. Magic! I now live in the present with my children nearly all of the time, and I seem to be attracting people into my life that I can really engage with and it’s all fantastic and so fulfilling!! Can’t thank you enough :) I am so grateful for everything you have done for me!’