Since the aura transformation I haven’t experienced any sudden changes, but generally feel more new opportunities opening up, more ease, I’m able to allow a greater intensity of feeling, feeling my heart opening, my ability to use my intuition is definitely growing, I use my creativity more, anything else than authenticity doesn’t feel good, I feel more self confident and recognise my gifts clearer. When some issues come up then working through them seems easier, faster and seems to happen on a deeper level. And definitely experiencing manifestation happening faster in all ways, so that’s prompting me to work on taking more responsibility for what I am focusing on and how I use my thoughts. It feels like new worlds are opening up to me and it’s really exciting, I feel grateful for all in my life, I feel inspiration and a great desire to share with the world.


Having an AuraTransformation with Karen was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Never before have I felt so strong, clear and empowered. And meeting Karen was such a blessing – she has an amazingly beautiful energy and is truly gifted at what she does. If you want to remove the obstacles that are standing in the way of you realising your heart’s desire for your incarnation here on this planet, do have an AT with the magical Karen!

Liz Cirelli
Music Producer, Yoga Teacher
Having an AuraTransformation has been one of the most singularly powerful things I have ever done. Having been on the transformation trail for many lifetimes this is no small statement. It is nothing short of an alchemical process in sifting the proverbial wheat from the chaff in terms of one’s relationships and creates a profound movement in fully aligning oneself with one’s dharma.
As a practitioner Karen is gifted, professional and highly intuitive and I would unequivocally recommend this to anyone.
Amor Lakshmi
Life Coach, London

I felt lifted and centered after my session with Karen, although it has been and still is  a very ongoing process.  Since then I have felt very energized and a lot of “synchronicities” have been happening in my life. I feel very much at peace with myself and the world. I now also dwell deeply into finding what are the things that I really enjoy doing that contribute to my sense of connection with God and wellbeing, happiness, and make me a human being of absolute integrity so I can be happier inside my body and be of help to the planet. I practice them every day so I can create sound habits out of virtues… I can’t tell you how transforming a time it has been. I have also cleared my house of outworn stuff and I have found a renewed enthusiasm in life and work… for which I have to thank you a million times!!! I thoroughly recommend this process to anyone that wishes to center and uplift their vibration. Karen is an amazing practitioner and I am glad I choose her for the process.

Millicent Alvizua
Mind Body Spirit Direct, London