Woman golden energy

I of Spirit is a platform for the consciousness expansion and lifestyle shift promised by the new pure and empowered energies being established on Earth at this time through the children and those inspired adults to who are stepping forward as leaders of a new Earth and consciousness.

I personally believe that the potential for this is available to us now in an accelerated, advanced and grounded way compared with the paths undergone by those on a path of personal development in the ‘old time’ (pre 2012). The New Time Energies page introduces this subject, whilst About Karen introduces her journey with IofSpirit and the New Time Energies.

The message inherent in the name ‘I of Spirit’ is that essentially, your true self is your spiritual self. Who you are is magnificently greater than is generally believed or experienced. We are not our bodies or minds, but eternal spirits experiencing an Earthly reality. When this is known, a magical gate opens to the freedom, love and empowerment you had only dreamt of.

Who people believe themselves to be has for many thousands of years been limited by a sense of ‘I’ bound to societal conditioning, childhood wounds, genetic coding, and karma. People defend this sense of ‘I’ as if it were truth, yet it is actually layers of illusion that can be stripped back, to reveal the true pure essence of the spirit.

Many people are familiar with the aura, and some people can see it with their physical eyes. The spirit or ‘higher self’ is the furthest out layer in the ‘old time’ aura, and is therefore largely inaccessible to people’s awareness, except through meditation and other spiritual practices which enables the person to break through the ordinary consciousness and access the Divine.

The limitation and fear however with becoming spiritually open is that people can lose their grounding, personality and drive in life. This will no longer be possible in the future fortunately, because the energies of the ‘New Time’ bring about balance and wholeness such that spirit does not overtake the body or material existence. Equally the right and left brain hemispheres come into equal power.

We are currently living in an exciting time during Earth’s spiralling journey through the cosmos, whereby due to energetic changes on the planet itself, children are being born with new auras allowing this spiritual energy to be fully present around and within the physical body. The vitality, power, and vastness of consciousness is then accessible in ways far beyond what spiritual practices can accomplish alone.

Yet all people alive at this time are under influence from the new energies in Mother Earth - whom we are a part of - and have tremendous opportunities to recognise and indeed transform their selves into an ‘I of Spirit.’

“The most important thing to remember is this: To be ready at any moment to give up what you are for what you might become.” – American civil rights leader, W.E.B. Du Bois.
May you see with the eye-I of Spirit today and Create that which your Heart most wishes for… And so it is.