About Karen


Aura Mediator™ | Founder of Living Mastery™ | Author & Speaker on Consciousness & the ‘New Time’ on Earth | Transformational Retreat & Workshop Facilitator | Sacred Space Mediator


‘I of Spirit’ began as a platform for awakening and transformation via returning to our true self that is one with mother earth and the greater spirit. Restoring our beautiful planet to abundant health and living lives that are deeply healthful and fulfilling are to me, inseparable, and this is what the ‘New Time Energy’ on Earth seeks to achieve. I normally reside in the beautiful wooded weald of East Sussex, yet spend much time abroad sharing the ‘Living Mastery’ work that comes through me, and collaborating with eco-projects for mutual development.

I work with the ‘New Time’ Energies, whereby balance, wholeness, empowerment and one’s inner truth are offering the greatest potential for enlightenment and well-being currently on Earth, and I’m very excited by the transformation that I’ve experienced within, in others and what I perceive in the future!

My dream is that your day is blessed with magic and delight, and your life is a spectacular journey of wholeness, love and freedom – because you are another myself – In Lake’sh. 



Karen VitalityBeing creative, my initial studies and lifestyle was in the arts and media world, and I worked as a model for a while. Yet running parallel to this was a deep exploration of all things spiritual. I had been exposed to meditation and other ancient eastern practices during my university days, and began to meditate daily and practice a traditional tiger-crane style kung fu that emphasised the awareness of chi energy.

Realising that such a thing as enlightenment existed, the focus of my life became about nothing else. My underlying motivation and passion was always how human beings can be happy, free and at peace. The development of awareness seemed to be key. I quit the media world after my degree and went on to study psychology, which was incompetent at answering my questions compared to the ancient texts I was reading and the results I was achieving from my own meditation practice.

Some of these results were immediately mystical. I had sudden psychic ability, which I found quite threatening at the time and dissociated from shortly afterwards, until a few years later. I experienced absolute awakenings into enlightened consciousness - also when I felt myself to be in a threatening situation. My meditation practice was highly focused on the chakras for the first few years and I had many wondrous experiences of chakras being opened and of taking in vast quantities of energy that raised my consciousness.

My ‘frequency’ in fact, was getting higher and higher, to the point where ‘I’ began to merge with my higher self, and could channel. The consciousness of bliss and divine oneness that the Taoist monks and Indian swamis spoke of was now my reality. I quit my job where I worked for five years as the Coordinator of Complementary Therapies and Life Skills at an addiction clinic, and started teaching meditation and workshops in yoga studios and outside in the forests and hills to help people similarly connect with their higher selves, and to feel this oneness with the Great Spirit and Mother Earth.

My quest for absolute enlightenment continued however, to the point where I felt I must give everything up to be in solitude in the forest so that my consciousness dissolution into Source would be uninterrupted – life on Earth had become somewhat insignificant, and I loved the spirit and nature of Earth and wanted to help Her, which I felt I only could by being directly immersed in her. At this point, at the beginning of 2012, AuraTransformation™ showed up.

I retreated into the woods, as I had yearned to do, but only for shorter periods. The AuraTransformation™ had anchored all of my spiritual energy to my body, making me action focused, so suddenly my focus was turned to the world, and what my purpose is within it. Never had I felt such joyous energy and drive!

Even then, where my intention was to spend time alone in the forest for my own enjoyment, it became work – Mother Earth and the Universe had conspired with my Spirit and I simply had to surrender to it. Something of a quest began which led me to Peru for 4 months in the lead up to the Solstice. The story of this is told in ‘Celestial Earth,’ and recounts how my founding work came about, a body of mastery teachings called ‘the Mastery Set,’ which later expanded into the ‘Living Mastery Program.’

Since becoming a fully integrated ‘human of the new time,’ my original passion for aspiring for people to become as free, empowered, and happy as their potential can reach has only been strengthened by the expansiveness, inspiration, knowledge and joy that has come from my personal journey of ‘old time enlightenment’ into ‘new time life.’


  • Aura Mediator™
  • HPC Hypnotherapy
  • Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki II
  • NADA Acudetoxification
  • Post Grad Con Dip Psychology
  • NLP, Motivational Interviewing,
Grief Counselling and other psychosocial therapy training
  • Since 2005: leading self-mastery and self-awareness workshops, teaching meditation, one to one psychosocial therapies, complementary therapies, facilitating therapeutic groups, e.g. Art Therapy, Anger Management, Self Management, Mother Earth & Soul Connection Workshops, Ascension Workshops.